Learn to code as a Technology Manager

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Part I: The Basics

MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) to the rescue

  • Introduction to Computer Science (CS50) @ Havard University
  • Introduction to Databases @ Stanford University
  • Introduction to Computer Networking @ Stanford University
  • Algorithms and Data Structures @ University of Osnabrück

Studying computer science beside a full time job

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Part II: Basic Web-Development

Web Client Basics

  • Web Engineering I — III @ Technical University Mittelhessen
  • HTML5 and CSS3 @ Video2Brain (DVD courses)
  • JavaScript @ Video2Brain (DVD courses)
  • Web Design for Web Developers @ Udemy

Web Server Basics

  • Introduction to Linux @ The Linux Foundation
  • Configuring Linux Web Servers @ Udacity
  • PHP 5.4/ MySQL 5.5 @ Video2Brain (DVD courses)

Software Engineering and Management

  • Software Development Process @ Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Product Management Scrum Product Owner @ Scrum Alliance
  • Mastering Agile Scrum Project Management @ Udemy
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Part III: Advanced Web-Development

Web Client Advanced

  • Shaping up with Angular.JS @ www.codeschool.com
  • User Experience for the Web @ Open Universities Australia
  • Rapid Prototyping @ Udacity
  • Master ReactJS @ Udemy
  • Vue JS 2 @ Udemy

Web Server Advanced

  • Object Oriented PHP @ Udemy
  • Nginx Fundamentals @ Udemy
  • Programming Foundations with Python @ Udacity
  • Django @ Udemy
  • C# Masterclass @ Udemy
  • Designing RESTful APIs @ Udemy
  • GraphQL @ Udemy
  • Getting Started with Elasticsearch @ Udemy

Software Development Advanced

  • Weniger schlecht Programmieren (Coding less bad) @ Book
  • Git and GitHub Masterclass @ Whitepeak Akademy
  • Software Testing @ Udacity
  • Software Design @ Udacity
  • IT-Documentation @ Book
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Part IV: Specialisation

Software Design and Architecture Specialisation

  • Software Architecture & Design @ Udemy
  • Microservices @ Book
  • Domain-Driven Design @ Book
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns @ Book
  • Become a Solution Architect @ Udemy

Security Specialisation

  • Internet-Security @ Hasso Plattner Institut
  • Hacking the Art of Exploitation @ Book

Cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) Specialisation

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing @ Pennsylvania State University
  • The Build a SAAS App with Flask Course @ Udemy
  • Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services @ Udemy
  • Serverless Concepts @ Serverless Academy

Internet of Things Specialisation

  • The Internet of Things @ King’s College London
  • Hands on Industrie 4.0 @ acatech

DevOps Specialisation

  • Intro to DevOps @ Udemy
  • Master Jenkins CI For DevOps and Developers @ Level up
  • The Docker for DevOps course: From development to production @ Udemy
  • Mastering Ansible @ Udemy
  • Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course @ Udemy
  • Release it! @ Book

Master JavaScript

  • JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts @ Udemy
  • JavaScript ES6: The Next Level @ Udemy
  • TypeScript @ Udemy
  • JavaScript Testing Developing Apps with Confidence @ Udacity
  • Object-Oriented JavaScript @ Udacity
  • How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library @ Egghead
  • Rx JS @ Udemy
  • Understanding JSON Schema @ Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Functional Programming Light @ GetiPub & Leanpub
  • Automate Web Development With Gulp JS @ Udemy
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Part V: What now?

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum Computing
  • Edge Computing
  • Bio-Technology
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Was it worth it?

  • MOOCs on universities: 0€
  • Other online courses: ~250€
  • Books: ~150€
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Where to find courses?




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Ingo Eichhorst

Ingo Eichhorst

Strong-Willed • Energetic • Tech-Lover ingo-eichhorst.de

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